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United Way of Huntington County
Job Description
The United Way of Huntington County is seeking a passionate leader to execute our strategic plan and work to achieve our mission "to unite the community through visionary leadership, assessment of needs, and the mobilization and dispersion of resource to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Huntington County."

The President/CEO will give voice and life to the vision and lead change; leveraging the power of relationships and networks, and working across private, public and corporate sectors to improve conditions in the community.

The President/CEO must possess a high level of broad community, non-profit, business and management skills. The President/CEO will be skilled at connecting current realities with effective strategies to improve outcomes for residents, families and children. The President/CEO will lead with integrity and is dedicated to shared and measurable goals for the common good - creating, resourcing, scaling and leveraging strategies for broad investment and impact.

For more information, please contact board chair Megan Reckelhoff at
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